A Guide To Saving Money On A Wedding Photographer

We all know how important our wedding photos are, and it can be expensive to hire a photographer for your day. Here’s Perfect Picture Booth’s top tips for saving your hard-earned cash when it comes to those vital snaps.

Search Within Your Budget

When first looking for a wedding photographer, create a budget and stick to it. As much as you may love the photographer’s work in the top price range, you are also sure to find someone you like within your budget too. Short-list some of your favourites and their prices – and if you just can’t choose between them, go for the cheapest to save you money!

Book Early On

The earlier you book, the better. Prices will increase the longer you leave it, and last-minute bookings in particular are the most expensive. Once you’ve found the photographer for you, don’t hesitate to get them booked in – you also don’t want their availability for your wedding date to disappear either.

Reduce Their Time

One key way to save funds is to limit the time you hire your photographer for. If you think the ceremony is really important to photograph but the evening reception not so much, then hire them for half a day or up to a certain time in the day. You’ll get the best of both worlds – snaps of the best parts of your day, and saving money at the same time.

Get Your Guests To Be The Photographers

By giving out disposable cameras to your guests during the day, they can do the photo-taking instead of an expensive photographer. You may get a few shots with fingers over the lens, but it will give a unique angle on your day. And the best part is getting them developed!

Hire An Evening Photobooth

Eradicate the need for a photographer on your wedding evening by hiring a photobooth or selfie pod, with prices as low as £250. You will receive unlimited printouts of fun snaps with your loved ones, and you’ll be saving money on a professional photographer. Let the photo booth and the attendant do the work while you and your guests party the night away!


Good luck!



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